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Marketing Research
for the Media Industry.

Providing Market Research in Pittsburgh for Over Twenty-Five Years

For almost three decades, Market Research Pittsburgh has been instrumental in providing our clients with the market research in Pittsburgh needed to give them the power to make strong business decisions and to architect a powerful marketing plan.

Trusted Pittsburgh Market Research

Our customers have come to appreciate the power that sound Pittsburgh market research can provide them. We take time to learn your business needs, architect the right approach, and then collect the needed information to help you plan out your next market attack.

Experience with Over 100 Business Markets

Regardless of your business vertical or target market, we have experience with over 100 different business categories. We lean on our vast experience and expansive know-how to deliver you the concrete detail that you need in order to make great business decisions.

Our Data Collection Methods

Because we have been in the business for over twenty-five years, our market research company in Pittsburgh has honed the most effective methods for obtaining needed data. Some of these methods include telephone interviewing, online surveys, mail-out surveys, and polling.

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